Ice Cave

The path winds around the northern side of the volcano between 1800-2000 mheight. From Piano Provenzano we walk in the direction of Piano delle Felci, from where we take a small path that crosses the beech woods of M. Timpa Rossa to then continues across the lava flow at theDammusiPassuntil we arrive at the Grotta del Gelo. In this area the lava comes from a series of eruptive events that continued from 1614 to 1624 that radically changed the volcanic cones at a medium-high altitude on the northern side. This lava flows are characterized by a series of morphological pahoehoe lava patterns like rope, lastroni and mounds overlapping that meet in a scene of exceptional, magical beauty. There are also various tunnels made by lava flows, the most famous of which is Grotta del Gelo that has an peculiarity of a small amount of eternal ice in its inner regions.

Length of excursion: about 7 hours

Difficulty: difficult for expert trekkers