Summit Area

The summit craters represent the junction area of the volcanic activity through which breathes the persistent vent of Etna, and in more or less regular intervals, are the site of explosive events of various types as: Strombolian obstruction phreatic activities etc. that continually change the morphology.  Since ancient times the climb to the summit of the volcano has represented the most important moment of travelling inSicily. This is the meeting place for the force of nature, which is capable of destroying and at the same time creating a unique and fascinating world as that of “Mongibello” (Arabian name for Etna).  The ascent is by jeep to 2900mt (Torre del Filosofo), for there on foot towards the summit craters (3340). After an informative visit we go down along the pyroclastic deposits of the last eruption following part of an ascarpment that borders the great depression of theBoveValleywe arrive at Rifugio Sapienza at 1900mt.


Length of excursion: 5-6 Hours

Difficulty: medium-expert trekkers