Trekking the active volcanoes of Sicily

Tour programme


Day 1: arrive at the airport and transfer to Lipari island

Day 2: on board small fisherman’s boats we arrive on Vulcano island, climb to the summit, visit the fumaroles, tour the crater ring and descend through the pyroclastic deposits (volcanic ash), after which we visit the mud baths and bathe in the sulphurous waters before returning to Lipari.

Day 3: Transfer toStromboliand organise accommodation in a pension. In the afternoon we climb towards the summit from which you can appreciate the Strombolian activity (between 3-4 explosions every hour from 2,000 years on this part). Return at night along the sandy channels.

Day 4: hydrofoil to Milazzo, visitTaorminaand transfer to Nicolosi (Etna South).

Day 5: ascent to the craters of the summit of Etna (3,340m above sea level), descent via the ash channels, visit the viewpoint of the Valle del Bove (huge volcanic-tectonic valley) across various lava fields and eruptive displays to the area of the Rifugio Sapienza (1,900m).

Day 6: excursion towards the northern slopes of the volcano massif, we cross wooded areas with various essential vegetation and a variety of lava fields from various periods, from whichLa Sciaradei Dammusi stands out, which presents very fluid lava flows which are typical of Hawaiian morphology.  During the visit we visit a tunnel made from lava flow.

Day 7: the Necropolis of Pantalica.  A site of notable archaelogical and natural interest, the excursion takes us to the heart of the canyon (caves) cut out by the Anapo and Calcinara rivers, in a continuous succession of lakes, waterfalls, rich vegetation, troglodyte dwellings and tombs from the first men in Sicily excavated into the rocks.

Day 8: airport and return.