Open top craters : update July 14, 2017

Autore: in News | July 14, 2017

With the syndical ordinance n° 22 of 13-07-2017 the excursions are been reopened to the top craters of the volcano Etna.

We remind you that you can be accessed the summit of the alone volcano if exclusively accompanied by Alpine Guides or Vulcanological Guides.








For further information, please contact at 9.00 am at the“Alpine Etna Sud Guide Group” (on the left of the Sapienza Refuge). Departure is fixed at 10.30 am. It is possible to make departures at different times than the above.








The excursion consists of: uphill with cable car and jeep up to 2920 mt, from here you walk on foot to the central crater. After crawling on the craters, you walk up to 2500 meters on foot and from here you can take a cable car to the starting point.








Duration of excursion 5-6 hours.