The crater of East North was born:

Autore: in News | May 29, 2017

It was the 27 May of 1911, when the birth of the North-East crater has been enacted.

Developed him to a quota of around 3100 meters high, to Northeast of the central crater, his heights and dimensions in the time are changed for the different eruptive and explosive phases, that have increased it up to become, in 1978 with 3345 meters s.l.m. the tallest top of the Etna, leadership that today it holds still.

The period of maximum activity is had between 1960 and 1970, with persistent activity both effusive and explosive, modifying deeply it’s morphology.

Among the last activities worthy of note, remembers the violent 1986 paroxysm and the effusive activity produced him by a fracture on the oriental base of the cone, begun July 5th 2014 and finished on August 10.