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Enjoy an unforgettable and wonderful day discovering unique landscapes immersed in nature. The perfect way to combine adventure and learning, admiring the vastness of the summit craters, the immense caldera of the Valle del Bove, the lava caves and the breathtaking view of the Etna crossing…Conducted by our Alpine and Volcanological Guides.

escursione velle del bove
Bove Valley

Bove Valley Excursion

The Bove Valley is a huge volcanic caldera on the eastern side of Etna. Ascent by cable car (2500 meters) and then we will reach the edge of the caldera by foot.

escursione crateri etna
Summit Craters

Summit Craters Excursion

The excursion to the summit craters is the most fascinating excursion that you can do on ETNA. During hiking it will be possible to observe the main craters.

traversata dell'etna
Crossing of Etna

Crossing of Etna Excursion

Using cable car and Jeep, you arrive at 2900 meters of altitude. From here, walking through the recent lava fields.

escursione 3000 metri
3000 mt

Excursion 3000 mt

We go up by cable car up to 2500 mt from here we visit some inactive craters cones inactive eruptive vents and lava fractures until we reach the Barbagallo craters.


Explore Etna with us

Etna is a great stratum volcano with persistent activity that stands along the eastern coast of Sicily, in the area of collision between the African plate and the European plate, with a diameter base of about 40 Km and over 3.300 metres above sea level in height.

"L'escursione con il gruppo delle guide alpine e vulcanologiche Etna Sud, è semplicemente unica; le guide sono molto preparate, professionali ed attente alle persone, sicuramente un'esperienza più che positiva, complimenti. Indimenticabile!"
Sabrina B


Lava front of the eruptive event of 07/27/2019 at an altitude of about 2900 meters. At the moment the casting stopped.

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eruzione etna 30 maggio

New eruption 30/05/2019

From 5.00 this morning May 30, 2019, a new effusive activity started at the base of the south-east crater, at the same point of the Christmas 2018 eruption. A lava flow goes into the Valle del Bove. An explosive activity with ash emission from the south-east crater is associated.

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crateri sommitali etna accessibili

Accessible summit craters.

Excursions to the summit craters of Etna were reopened with the union ordinance No. 3 of the Municipality of Nicolosi on 9-April-2019. We remind you that you can access the top of the volcano only if accompanied exclusively by Alpine Guides or Volcanological Guides.

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eruzione bottoniera 2018

New etna eruption 12/24/18

Today, 12/24/18 at 11:00, a system of fractures opened at the eastern base of the South-East crater in the direction of Valle del Bove, marked by a strong seismic activity. In the morning after the initial phase of emission of volcanic ash, the most intense activity is located at an altitude of about 2,600 meters, generating a “bottoniera” system with Strombolian activity and adjoining lava flow that currently flows into the valle del bove, during the persistent activity of the summit craters. The best way of our beloved Etna and of the Etna South Alpine Guide Group to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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