Etna Family Excursion

Etna Family Excursion

Etna Family Excursion

If you are thinking of visiting Etna with your children (under 5 years of age) and you do not want to reach the summit areas of the volcano, you can choose one of the following itineraries, accompanied by our Alpine / Volcanological Guides, which will allow you to immerse yourself, in total safety, in a unique and exciting landscape that only Etna can give you.

Etna excursion for families with children

Back of the donkey

Environmental characteristics of the site: a high-level mountain itinerary which allows the observation, from an excellent viewpoint, of the craters of the summit which originated in the 2002/2003 eruption.  An internal view of the Valle del Bove and the ancient eruptive centres.  Dry fractures and displacement of slopes which happened during the violent eruptive events of 2001 and 2003.  The strips of vegetation are noteworthy and in particular the volcanic desert.

Monte Zoccolaro Path

Environmental characteristics of the site: an itinerary of great interest on the eastern edge of the caldera belt of the Valle del Bove. View on the dykes and the big necks of the western face.  The remains of eruptive displays preceding the actual like the Trifoglietto and the Calanna.  The strips of vegetation are noteworthy.

Monte Nero degli Zappini Path

Environmental characteristics and peculiarities of the site: lava fields and eruptive displays from various eras, tree essences and endemic plants. A grotto used for the conservation of snow and casts of trees.

The guides provide…

The necessary equipment (jacket, socks, shoes, helmets).

To follow suggestions…

Avoid using contact lenses

…don’t forget to bring with you:

cappello e guanti

Gloves and hat

K-way (waterproof jacket)

Long pants

Sun glasses


This excursion is not suitable:

to pregnant women who have overcome the third month of pregnancy, to people suffering from particular pathologies such as cardio vascular disorders, respiratory disorders (asthma), severe hypertension and anxiety.

Important notice

Thanks from the Group of Alpine and Volcanological guides Etna South (Soc.Coop) for your interest.

WARNING: Due to the particular environmental conditions in which we operate, we reserve the right to cancel or interrupt the excursion services in cases of bad wheather and volcanic risk. The guides therefore consider themselves exempt from any liability for direct or indirect damages that may derive from cancellation or interruption of services for reasons beyond their control.

Reservation request

For info and reservations contact the following addresses.

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